What Can Trigger Genetic Hair Loss?

How do i know if my hair loss is genetic? Hair loss is a serious disease that not only affects your scalp but it may affect other parts as well. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. The same disease is called pattern baldness as well.


Hair transplant is a permanent solution for baldness. However, a perfect diagnosis is essential to perform this surgical treatment. The surgeon aims to detect the underlying causes of hair loss before he provides appropriate treatment. Usually, the following reasons are responsible for hair loss. If anyone of your parents or grandparents experienced pattern baldness, it is highly likely that you also will face the same symptoms. Genetic hair loss is a hereditary disease that affects several generations due to genetic structure.


How do i know if my hair loss is genetic? Genetic baldness follows a certain pattern in which the hairline recedes at the first sign and then, the temple and crown area are affected. You have to look for the best hair transplant if you need proper treatment of genetic baldness. Hormones are responsible for several functions in your body. The hormonal level may fluctuate due to several causes like menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth, or thyroid problems. As a result, the patient may experience severe hair loss.  


Hair products are not always beneficial for your scalp and hair. They may be laden with harsh chemicals or your scalp may not accept the chemicals used in the product. Thus, it is better you consult with your doctor or hair expert before you use hair products like conditioners, shampoos, hair creams and lotions. Stress is also a common reason for hair loss. If you live in a place where the level of physical or mental stress is always high, you may face severe hair thinning or hair loss. This condition is temporary and hair growth may start again if you reduce the level of stress. 


Your hair follicles also need full nourishment to remain healthy for a long time. Therefore, you need a diet plan that includes all the nutrients like zinc, vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you do not provide these nutrients to your hair, you will soon experience hair loss.


Hair loss is not temporary in most cases and it is normalized if you eliminate the root cause. But, the case of permanent hair loss is quite different. You need proper treatment to restore the scalp and the treatment is usually surgical in nature, Hair transplant surgery is the only procedure that is very effective for genetic hair loss. In this process, a hair transplant surgeon is supposed to transfer healthy hairs from the donor site to the recipient area.


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