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Can I use Hair Products after a Hair Transplant procedure?

Permanent hair loss treatment is possible with the help of hair transplant surgery. In this procedure, healthy and baldness-resistant hairs are transferred from one area to the recipient area. The donor area usually includes the back and sides of the patient’s head since only this region grows baldness-resistant hairs. The results after treatment are permanent if you have selected a well-qualified doctor. However, the final outcome of the surgery depends on proper aftercare as well

A patient is supposed to see good results if he helps the treated area to heal properly. Usually, patients ask about washing their hair after the surgery. Moreover, they are curious about using other hair products as well. Usually, patients avoid washing their hair for at least 24 hours after the surgery. Keeping the scalp clean is necessary. Thus, your surgeon is supposed to allow you to wash your hair after this period of time. Shampooing after hair transplant surgery

A mild shampoo is appropriate while you wash your hair after the surgery. Experts recommend washing your hair with baby shampoo since it has no harsh chemicals. Usually, shampoos are laden with harmful chemicals and they can harm the treated area. Treat your hair gently while you wash your hair since rubbing forcefully is not allowed. 

After washing the hairs, dry them with the help of a soft towel gently. Using conditioner You have to meet your doctor if you want to use a conditioner after the surgery. He will suggest using a mild consideration that does not have any adverse effects on your scalp. This is the best approach if you wait for proper hair growth. The final decision depends on the condition of your scalp and your surgeon

What about hair dyes? Patients should avoid using hair dyes after the surgery as well. Hair dyes may contain harsh chemicals that may damage your hair permanently. Bleaching should also be avoided after the surgery. Blow drying your hair too soon after a hair transplant surgery can lead to serious scalp damage and negative effects on the healing hair particles. 

This is why patients should first allow their hair to air dry, and then carefully pat their hair dry with a towel after they’ve healed sufficiently. Hair products like gels, and sprays can be used but you have to wait for at least 3 weeks after the treatment. However, the correct time to start using these products depends on your surgeon’s advice. Apart from hair products, you should not use hair dryers to dry your hair. Allow your hair to dry in the air and then use a soft towel after you wash the hair and scalp.

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