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Why do some individuals lose hair while others aren’t?

Hair loss treatment malaysia – Hair loss is a worrisome issue for a large category of individuals, both men and women. The reasons for loss of hair vary, and it is imperative that one finds out the root cause of hair loss before starting any line of treatment. So let us go through the causes and conditions as to why some individuals lose hair while others are lucky to be blessed with a thick crowning glory.

The hereditary genes that we acquire have a lot to say in the building that occurs especially for men. Usually a family history of baldness does not spare the new generation, and for such strong cases normal treatment will hardly work. Aside from genetic disposition, the hormones can also play havoc thereby causing severe loss of the same.

Overproduction of DHT hormones that get deposited on the follicles also lead to shedding of strands of hair. Yet another cause for scalp thinning is that of poor nutrition commonly noticed in the developing countries. Women are more prone to balding from under-nutrition compared to the male folk. Hair care Products are thriving in the market in a wide array of forms such as topical application, intake of medicinal drugs, shampoos and many more such products.

Treatment for such conditions is decided upon an individual after proper diagnosis of the hair condition. Severe cases of scalp thinning may not get relief from a hair care product that is applied topically. This industry is sprucing up a new Hair care product every now and then. Reputed companies claim they have manufactured path-breaking Hair Loss Shampoos after thorough research of hair fall conditions. The person would have to depend on surgical therapy such as a hair transplant. An alternative to transplant are restoration remedies such as weaving.

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