hair loss signs and symptoms

What are the Symptoms of Hair Loss?

Hair loss signs and symptoms – Hair is an important feature that adds aesthetic to a person’s appearance. People who suffer from loss of hair, thinning of hair or a receding hairline, also suffer from low self-confidence. In such a case, hair transplant becomes a good treatment for such individuals.


It is one of the most highly preferred cosmetic surgeries at present times. Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery that is performed for the restoration of the hair on the scalp. There are several techniques that are adopted for hair replacement surgery such as hair transplantation, scalp surgery etc. these techniques. Either, these techniques can be used solely or be combined to obtain the desired results.

Hair fall is a very normal process for almost all ages unless it is not accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, or any other disorders. Thus one cannot determine when the normal hair fall might lead to baldness. Some important signs that can help you identify that you may be in for baldness include, Thinning of hair on the top of the head. Loss of hair is usually most noticeable on top of the head for both men and women. Less hair on the region signals an alarm.

The next thing that you should be able to notice is whether you can spot patchy bald spots on your head. Sometimes, under stress or trauma, the hair starts becoming loose and falls off at an alarming rate and causes thinning of hair. People suffering from dermatitis, or an itchy skin are more prone to losing hair.

The only permanent solution to baldness is hair transplantation surgery. Candidates opting for a transplant must have lost hair only from the frontal or crown region and should possess certain portions that have dense hair because they are going to act as the donor tissues. The doctors take a strip of skin having dense hair and then implants the hair follicle by hand with small forceps into the bald region.

It is a permanent remedy. Unlike the other medications and remedies from various sources , a hair transplant is a better and effective solution to your baldness problem. You don’t need to look for more solutions for hair growth after the surgery.

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