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How To Have Great Hair With Minimal Spending?

How To Have Great Hair With Minimal Spending?

If you’re reading this, chances are your hair might be thinning and you want to regrow lost hair or you just want thicker, fuller hair. Here are some ways to grow hair faster.

Eating Right

Genetics influences hair loss, but so does nutrition. To get healthy, full hair, you need to eat healthy foods to supply the nutrients you need. You should also eat plenty of protein, as hair is composed mostly of protein. A multivitamin every day can also help a great deal.


Sit in a comfortable chair. Using your fingers, massage your entire scalp using circular motions. Massaging the scalp stimulates the blood circulation underneath the hair, which helps hair to grow. If your hair is thinning, consistent messaging may help regrow the lost hair. After a few months, you may be able to grow hair naturally, although results vary widely.

Prescription Products

There are many prescription hair loss products like Finasteride and Minoxidil. But insurance does not cover many of these, and they can cost over 100 a month. These stimulating pills have claimed to grow hair back faster than any other method. However, results vary for people, and most people do not see a drastic change very quickly. There also tend to be unwanted side effects, but these are fairly rare. They also have many undesirable side effects, and only about a third of those who use the product actually find it to be a useful form of baldness prevention. Minoxidil can be messy and leave the scalp feeling oily or sticky.

Hair Transplants

If you are a celebrity, hair transplants are a common thing. Dozens of the hottest celebrities are coming forth and confessing to have had a little help from a surgeon with implementing hair plugs. This is a very expensive solution to hair loss. If you have the money, and don’t mind having a head full of something other than your natural hair, have at it. Most people, celebrity or not, would prefer to have their own hair back on their head. Celebrities go for this procedure because they are constantly in the face of the media and feel the need to take drastic action.

Hair transplants involve physical relocation of hair from one part of the body to another. Reviews are mixed, and sometimes there can be unattractive results. REMEMBER, You should always find and consult a qualified doctor before trying this type of treatment.

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