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Have You Diagnosed the Health of Hair?

Hair and scalp health – You are fortunate if you are not facing hair loss that is a serious scalp problem. Due to the fear of genetic hair loss, many people feel worried since they want to ensure good health for their hair. If you are facing mild hair loss and looking for a hair clinic, you have to check the health of your hair at the first step. Sometimes, the condition of your scalp is not serious and you have nothing to worry about. Thus, proper diagnosis is necessary with the help of your hair loss expert. However, there are some signs that make it clear that the condition is in your control and you do not need any hair treatment.

If you find that your hair is shiny, it is sure that your hair is healthy. Shiny hair indicates the presence of natural oil that is distributed equally throughout the hair. On the other hand, if you have dull hair, you have to see the hair transplant doctor. Check your hair after a haircut. If your hair is healthy, you will find that they are smooth at their roots. However, they may have broken ends but the condition is not out of control if roots are healthy. Finding some hair on the towel or comb after taking a shower is not a matter of worry. It is normal and you do not need any hair treatment.

It is a good sign if your hair is growing. Usually, hair growth is stopped if a patient experiences hair loss or hair thinning. The rate of hair growth may vary from person to person but growth is important. Hair split ends are sick and it is a common sign of bad health of your hair. Healthy hairs have healthy ends when they are in good physical condition. 

With some clear symptoms, you can detect the presence of genetic hair loss. This issue affects the hairline, temporal region, and crown area one by one and at the peak stage, only a spars layer of the hair remains in the back and sides of the head. These hairs are usually baldness-resistant.


If you feel your hair is not healthy, you can visit a hair clinic to find out the root cause of your sick hair. The hair transplant doctor will check your scalp with the help of advanced tests. If you are found to have permanent hair loss, he will try to treat your scalp with medicine or treatments like PRP hair treatment.

Moreover, he may treat your hair and scalp health with hair transplant surgery that is a reliable and permanent treatment of hair loss. In this treatment, healthy and baldness-resistant hairs are removed from the back and sides of the patients head and transplanted to the recipient area.

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