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How to Examine Hair Loss?

Bald patients need to locate a hair transplant because the role of a clinic is vital to get the full treatment of baldness or hair loss. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent and the approach treatment will be different for both. To treat the scalp issue optimally, you need to find out the root cause but it is not usually possible without going to a valid and reliable hair clinic. However, you may have an idea with the help of warning signs.

If the hair loss is temporary, severe hair thinning and hair loss will be the visible signs to show the occurrence of hair loss. Permanent hair loss or pattern baldness shows a distinct pattern that affects the hairline, temple region, and crown area one by one. If you observe, your hairline is receding gradually along with severe hair thinning, it is possible you are the victim of the most common type of hair loss, male pattern baldness.

In females, hair loss may occur due to many reasons like pregnancy, menopause, iron deficiency, stress, and it is usually temporary. Females also face pattern hair loss but the pattern is different from the pattern that is observed in males. Females experience severe hair loss in the entire scalp and the mid part is usually widened due to hair thinning and hair loss.

If it is tough to catch the initial signs, only your hair doctor will be able to find out the reason after performing certain tests. Your surgeon is able to find out a lot of things by just asking some questions. These questions will be related to your health, start of hair loss, medical history, and medications. After the discussion, the surgeon is supposed to check your scalp by just visual observation to check redness, fungal infection, inflammation, and health of hairs. 

The surgeon is supposed to pull some hairs from an area of the scalp. If he pulls out more than 6 hairs easily, it clearly means that you are facing severe hair loss. A blood sample is sent to the lab with the aim of detecting the root cause of hair loss. Biopsy test is done by removing a small part of the scalp that is sent to the lab for testing. Hair loss is related to hormonal levels as well. Thus, the doctor tries to check the hormonal level in the body as well. 

After these tests, if your hair specialist confirms that you are facing pattern baldness, he will perform hair transplant surgery that is one of the best solutions for genetic hair loss. Medicines and non-surgical approaches are also used according to the present condition of your scalp.

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