frontal female pattern baldness

How to Deal with Female Pattern Baldness?

Frontal female pattern baldness has now become an acute hair problem and if you want to stay away from it then you have to take great care of your hair and scalp. In this case, doctor’s assistance is very much necessary.


Types of Female Pattern Baldness:

Doctors have now segregated frontal female pattern baldness into 3 major categories. In fact, the appropriate female pattern baldness treatment is now getting decided on the basis of these categories only.

TYPE-I is nothing but small level hair thinning.

TYPE-II includes widening hair thinning part from where the issue actually spreads.

TYPE-III is denoted by hair thinning. In this case, the topmost scalp-part will be clearly viewed due to thinning.

A certified dermatologist or hair doctor can only resolve your trouble with pattern baldness. If you are losing lots and lots of hair due to thinning, then you should immediately approach our doctor for receiving the best treatment. The scalp needs to be examined thoroughly for finding out the real causes.

Sometimes, doctors often recommend patients for performing blood tests. These tests are needed for determining fluctuations of hormones especially iron, androgen or thyroid hormones. Hair growth often gets badly affected by hormonal changes and thus these changes need to be prevented as soon as possible.

Moreover, hair loss patterns need to be observed carefully so that the right treatment can be suggested. You are suggested going for early diagnosis only. Early-diagnosis can surely prevent excessive hair-loss and on the other hand scalp condition can also be prevented.

 You can now have a look at the available options of female pattern baldness treatment in order to choose the best one. Some effective options are as follows:

Prescribed drugs or medicines are the best options. You should continue taking medicines as directed by your hair specialist. Different hair loss preventing therapies also need to be practiced under the supervision and guidance of your hair transplant doctor. Topical application is very much necessary so that instant effects can be received. You also need to change your hair care routine at home otherwise you will not get permanent relief from your issue. You also need to take highly nutritious foods so that your scalp and hair follicles can receive an adequate amount of nutrients at the end of the day.

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