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How to have a comfortable Hair Transplant journey?

Hair transplant journey – They are really almost just nothing like the regular hair transplant surgical procedure. In this type of technique actual cutting from the scalp is made to transfer the hair in one spot to another. So you need to stick to some basic instructions to make sure that you’re not at any risk while undergoing hair transplant treatment.

The first step is always to let the hair transplant surgeon know any and all prescription drugs, prescription and anything else that you are at this time or have taken in past times a few months. This is probably one of many most critical aspects of this instruction.

The health care provider will need to grasp everything which could interfere with the medication that will be administered over the hair transplant treatment. There might be some destructive interactions amongst different kinds of medications and only the hair transplant surgeon has the knowledge and power to avoid such situations. The hair transplant surgeon might let you know to discontinue a specified medication prior to the surgical treatment. 

For anyone who is taking blood thinners, for remedy of the stroke or heart ailment then you will be necessary to cease taking them for approximately a week prior, during and after the surgery. The blood thinners might make you bleed excessively and could cause threat in the operation. This can be because of aspirin or other prescribed blood thinning remedies. Your hair transplant surgeon will recommend you to this method prior to the day of your surgery and will examine you in the best way possible. 

Ensure that there is a proper conveyance from the healthcare facility after the surgical treatment. Some treatments will take several hours which means you’ll take at least that very long in recovery. If the hair transplant treatment goes nicely then you can go home precisely the same working day but you won’t be able to drive any vehicle, so bring a family member or a friend who can drive you back home after the hair transplant treatment.


As with all hair transplant journey you must ask all the questions or queries prior to the day that you undergo the treatment. This gives you relief and you know that you’re going to not be surprised on the day of the treatment. Consult for FREE!

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