can hair transplant go wrong

Can Hair Transplant go WRONG?!

Can hair transplant go wrong? Hair transplant surgery is recommended by many hair loss doctors because it is the permanent solution to genetic baldness. Genetic baldness or male pattern hair loss is not treatable with the use of home remedies and other medications. However, a hair transplant, as a surgical treatment, can treat the problem efficiently. During the treatment, the surgeon borrows healthy and baldness-resistant hairs from the back and both sides. In the next step, he transplants these hairs to the bald area.


Things seem so simple in this procedure but actually, hair transplant surgery includes complex steps. Sometimes, results are not satisfactory after the treatment. Altered results after the surgery are possible due to mistakes made by the surgeon. There are the following common mistakes that a surgeon can make during the treatment.


The surgeon is unable to decide your candidacy. Generally, your surgeon will check your scalp to detect the root cause of your scalp issue. If you are found to have male pattern baldness, he will treat you with the help of hair transplant surgery. The results of the treatment are going to be successful if the surgeon was right in his interpretation. On the other hand, results will not be natural if the surgeon has made a mistake. 


Even if your surgeon diagnoses your problem correctly, he would not succeed if he is unable to choose an appropriate hair transplant technique for you. Usually, hair transplant surgeons choose either follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction for the treatment.


Sometimes, the surgeon cannot determine the correct baldness-resistant area and pulls out hairs that are normal hairs that are affected by male pattern baldness. These hairs have no use in the new area because they are going to die sooner or later. Even if the surgeon borrows the correct hair grafts, he has to insert them correctly to acquire proper results. A surgeon needs to consider the depth of the recipient area, color, texture, and angle of hairs before the surgery. 


After the surgeon pulls out hairs from the donor area, he needs to preserve them because air exposure kills most hair follicles before they are inserted into the recipient area. It is better if the surgeon is successful in keeping the rate of damaged hair grafts at the lowest level.


Can hair transplant go wrong? So, incapable surgeons make these mistakes and you can avoid the consequences of these mistakes by choosing only qualified and experienced surgeons. Experienced and trained surgeons like at our clinic make rare mistakes and they perform hair transplant treatment with utmost care. Consult for FREE!


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