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Incredible Hair Transplant Facts – Hair Transplant Malaysia

Hair transplant fact – Hair transplant provides magnificent results to hair loss patients. It is a popular treatment of male pattern baldness and is used by a lot of hair loss doctors. Generally, Hair loss patients spend their time applying hair products to the affected skin or they use home remedies. Experts say that genetic hair loss is not treatable with the help of home remedies or hair products. Hair loss treatment is possible with only surgical treatment that is known as hair transplant. People are aware of a hair transplant but they do not know much yet about the treatment.

Male pattern baldness does not affect the back and sides. You would not believe that genetic hair loss would kill the hairs of your scalp from every area excluding the back and both sides. According to hair loss experts, these areas remain safe from adverse effects of male pattern baldness. Actually, this scientific fact is the basis of hair transplant surgery. Surgeons borrow these hairs and transplant them into the bald scalp. These hairs behave in the same manner in the new areas. In other words, they are going to grow forever providing natural results to the patient. 

Surgeons cannot transfer the hairs of another person. Hairs transplant surgery is an effective procedure since genetically stable hairs are transplanted from one area to the other and hairs do not lose their genetic stability. But it is only possible when the patient himself is the provider of the donor’s hair. Hair transplant from other persons is not possible since the body would not accept the hairs from another body

After the hair loss treatment, it is possible your hair falls completely. If you observe hair shedding after the surgery, do not worry because this process is temporary. You have to note that only hair shafts shed after the treatment and hair roots are completely safe inside the skin. Results are natural with a capable surgeon. Hairs change their place in hair transplant surgery. But if the surgeon is skilled and experienced, he inserts the donor hairs in such a way that the results look perfectly natural. 

The surgeons need to look at the color, texture, angle of the hairs to create satisfactory results. The pattern of hair loss is different in men and women. While we consider hair transplant surgery, men seem to be natural candidates for the surgery because they develop a donor area. Women do not have any donor site since they experience hair loss in the entire scalp area without excluding any region. Modern hair transplant surgeons provide suitable Hair Treatment females as well. However, women are not natural candidates. 

As you see, quite interesting factors are related to hair transplant surgery. you can know more about hair loss treatment with hair transplant surgery by scheduling a FREE consultation or visiting an authentic clinic like our Hair Specialist Clinic.

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