How can Hair Rejuvenation treatment help you?

Hair Rejuvenation – Finding large clumps of hair in your hair brush or looking down at your shower drain and seeing them is a sobering experience. Many people can be afflicted at any time in their lives by disorders like alopecia or male- or female-pattern baldness. Whatever the reason, losing our hair can be emotionally unpleasant and embarrassing. Hair loss can be caused by stress, illness, or heredity.

As a result, even though your hair may still be growing, it will become smaller, finer, and less noticeable until it stops growing altogether. Changes in your follicles disrupt this cycle if you have female pattern hair loss, which results in thinning hair and hair loss.

The most recent non-surgical hair rejuvenation treatment, Regenera, uses capillary regeneration therapy as its foundation. Regenera is a one-time, painless procedure that takes an hour to complete. Since the patient’s own body provides the stem cells, this procedure is incredibly safe. Since Regenera is a non-surgical procedure, recovery time is short.

So who’s a good candidate for Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment? Patients that suffer androgenic alopecia is usually the best candidates, this includes both male and female pattern hair loss. The Regenera Activa hair loss therapy uses your own body tissue to stimulate hair growth and increase hair density on the scalp where the hair is thinning.

To minimize discomfort and lessen pain during the surgery, our hair experts will first apply local anesthesia to the locations that need it. You will only experience a tiny pinching at the back of your head throughout this simple procedure.

Three microscopic grafts will then be removed from the patient’s scalp that are rich in vital cells such progenitor cells, growth factors, and stem cell precursors. These cells encourage the hair follicles’ natural growth cycle, which produces new hair. The Regenera procedure uses the collected tissues to extract vital cells and stem cell precursors with regeneration properties into a solution. Then, to promote the regeneration of hair follicles, this solution will be injected into the balding areas.

Our hair experts, under the direction of Professor Dato’ Dr. JasG, perform Regenera procedures in a sterile, sanitary clinic setting. For more info regarding hair rejuvenation, you may book an appointment with our hair experts for a free initial consultation.

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