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Why Hair Transplantation?

Hair Clinic – Every hair transplant is different, here’s why? Hair is considered as a manifestation of personal style and it is a part of your identity. Severe hair fall or hair loss really throw you for a loop especially if the root cause is a serious issue. However a right treatment can help you change the course of your hair health.

Hair transplantation is done in two types, FUE Hair Transplant and FUT Hair Transplant are done to add more hair to the area which has more thinning or balding. It is undergone by taking the tick parts of the scalp and other body parts and grafting it to the balding or thinning section of the scalp. More than 50% of men and women are experiencing some form of hair loss in their lifetime. 

Do hair transplants really work? The hair loss treatments are typically more successful than any other over-the-counter treatments for the hair restoration. Once the transplantation is done, the hair grows back in an estimated period of 4-6 months which completely depends upon the person.

To be frank, the hair transplant doesn’t work for everyone. They are mainly use to restore the hair if you are facing any balding or natural thinning or lost hair due to any injury. It cannot treat the patients like those who have undergone chemotherapy and other medical conditions. So, this is the main reason why surgeons will check the compatibility and scope of the treatment.

It is not the same to all.  Yes, it is different from different persons. As we all know we are not the same. Every individual has their own resistance development and has different medical conditions. Based on this, the hair transplant procedure will not work the same for all. It may be different from one another. The results which are experienced by one person may be totally different with other person having the same procedure.

Our Hair Specialist Clinic provides the best solution-oriented hair transplant with our specialist doctors experts in their fields, treating all of our patients with honest, trustworthy, ethical, and equal service of the highest quality, meeting all the required national and international standards. Consult for FREE!

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