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What Should I Do Before a Hair Transplant?

There are a few steps and precautions that you need to take for hair transplantation. You should visit a hair transplant surgeon to get high quality results from this surgical procedure. Do not get confused by comparing this procedure with less invasive procedures such as laser hair transplant or other similar treatments. 

Hair transplant surgery is way on top and has simply no competition in terms of delivering desired results. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon actually cuts the scalp area and the hair is transferred from one place to another. Therefore, by following certain precautions and instructions you can ensure that this surgery goes smoothly successfully. 

It’s strongly recommended that you visit the hair transplant surgeon who can deliver favorable results. When you meet the surgeon, let him know about your medical history in detail. The surgeon must have detailed knowledge about the types of medicines you are taking to check whether they interfere with the medication administered during the surgery. 

A proper check of the medicines you are taking has to be done as there’s always a possibility that they might cause harmful results, if wrong interactions are made with medication used in surgery. Only the best hair transplant surgeon can take care of such issues and avoid any complications to arise, if any. 

If you are taking medication for different heart conditions then after approval from your doctor, you’ll be required to stop the medication at least 1 week earlier. Medicines which are meant to cure heart diseases are mostly blood thinners and this can cause major problems even for the best hair transplant surgeon. However, consult your cardiologist before making any alterations in your drug intake routine. 

Ensure that you take extra care of your health right after the surgery is done and till you’re completely recovered. The surgery may last for a few hours and its mostly done on an outpatient basis. The recovery period varies with patients and you might be asked to visit the hair transplant clinic for a couple of days for proper monitoring. 

You should ask the right questions and find answers for the queries in your mind related to hair transplant. This will help to give calm and peace to your mind before the procedure. If you plan well and implement all the precautions then the results of the hair transplant surgery will be favorable.

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