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How to keep a close eye on Hair Loss?

Diagnosis hair loss – While you experience hair loss, you generally need to visit a hair clinic to get proper treatment for hair loss. however you can detect the problem with some simple signs like gradual hair thinning, balding areas of the scalp, slow hair growth, and receding hairline but you need to see your doctor to be sure about the root cause of hair loss.


Actually, millions of people show these signs of hair loss but the reasons for their hair loss can be different. male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss and it is called permanent hair loss but it is not the only type. There are other reasons like improper diet, stress, hairstyles, hair products, medications for certain diseases, etc. Therefore, to find out the exact reason for hair loss, it is essential you see a hair specialist doctor.


Medical history is the simplest way of detecting the problem. In this process, the doctor is supposed to ask some questions about your medical history. Sometimes, this discussion with the surgeon gives important clues. For example, if you have lived in stressful situations, maybe your hair loss is related to hair loss. Moreover, if one of your grandparents has faced hair loss, it is more likely that you also face genetic hair loss.  


In Physical examination, the surgeon is expected to examine your scalp physically. He will observe scarring, redness, inflammation, balding areas, and a pattern of baldness. Your doctor may conduct blood tests as well to mineral deficiency, hormonal imbalance, or nutrition deficiency. Pull test is also a simple examination idea to check the severity of the scalp problem. During the test, the doctor is supposed to pull some hairs from different regions of the scalp. If he sees in his hands more than 6 hairs, it means you are experiencing hair loss. 


The doctor, in the Card test, is supposed to hold a small rectangular card covered in felt against a region of the scalp to examine abnormalities of hair shafts. Thin strands show the presence of telogen effluvium. Broken tips of hair strands indicate issues related to hair shafts. Every hair clinic is expected to perform a scalp biopsy to detect the exact scalp issue. A decision similar to a pencil is inserted into the scalp during the test to remove a small tissue. This sample is examined in a lab.


As you see, different advanced techniques are available to diagnosis hair loss. Sometimes just a physical observation is enough to tell the story but it is not always possible. Therefore, other tests are required to reach the root cause. Consult for FREE!


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