Hair loss blood test

Are Blood Tests Necessary before a Hair Transplant procedure?

Hair loss blood test – Hair transplant is a valuable treatment for genetic hair loss. If you are a patient of hair loss or pattern baldness, you need this treatment because of its permanent results. After the treatment, you will see perfect results within 6 to 12 months. The doctor will take further steps after he is confirmed about your disease.

Hair transplant is very effective for male pattern baldness. Thus, your doctor is going to check your scalp to make sure that you are indeed facing male pattern baldness.

During the process of diagnosis, your surgeon is supposed to perform several tests including blood tests as well. Hair transplant surgery is indeed a cosmetic procedure. Thus, this fact may surprise you that you need blood tests for a complete diagnosis of your scalp. You have to understand that a hair transplant is not only a cosmetic procedure but it is a surgical treatment as well. Thus, side effects or even complications are associated with this treatment.

Thus, your surgeon has to be sure about your eligibility before the test. Thus, a medical checkup including a blood test is vital for a hair loss patient. The blood tests are conducted before the surgery to be sure about the bleeding and clotting profile of the patients. Moreover, the condition of general health is also determined with the help of certain blood tests.


The doctor conducts blood tests to reach the root cause of hair loss as well. These tests include Serum iron/ferritin profile, Thyroid profile, hormonal tests, and tests for auto-immune disease. Apart from these blood tests, the doctor must measure the level of blood pressure as well.

These blood tests and other diagnostic steps are essential before hair transplant surgery. As a patient, you should not hide anything from your hair doctor while you have a first meeting with your doctor. During the consultation session, the doctor may ask some questions. Try to give correct answers since your honesty is necessary for the success of the treatment.

A correct diagnosis process will tell clearly whether you are a patient of male pattern baldness or not. Thus, after your diagnosis, you can talk to your doctors about other things like facilities provided by the clinic, etc. We are sure you will get high-grade results if you show no problem in your blood tests and your surgeon is ready to treat you with advanced hair transplant techniques.

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