hair transplant is permanent

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Hair transplant is permanent – Hair loss patients are usually worried because of severe hair thinning and gradually developed bald areas in the scalp. Hair thinning or bald areas in the scalp are common signs of male pattern baldness if you observe baldness in the forehead area at the initial stage. Male pattern baldness is a genetic problem and you have to face it if your genetic code has genes for baldness.

Hair transplant is an effective treatment for male pattern baldness. Thousands of patients have undergone this treatment and they are fully satisfied and happy after the treatment.

Still, many patients are confused. They are unable to determine whether hair transplant surgery is effective for them or not. If you are one of those patients, you can rely on the hair transplant since it is, surely, a permanent treatment.

In most cases, a hair transplant will last a lifetime because healthy hair follicles are implanted into thinning or bald areas. However, a hair transplant’s lifespan can be affected by factors, such as the quality of the procedure, as well as factors unique to the patient.

Experience of the Surgeon

Your doctor must determine if you are a good candidate for a hair surgery and has to accurately evaluate the donor site.

Hormonal Changes

The implanted follicles will remain resistant to the DHT hormone. However, other hormonal imbalances may affect the density of the implanted sites.

Is hair transplant really permanent? Certainly, a hair transplant is a permanent procedure. As we have mentioned above, the surgeon will obtain hair grafts from a specific area of the scalp. This area is the back and sides of the scalp. According to scientific principles, hairs growing in this area are not going to fall due to male pattern baldness. It clearly means that hairs are going to grow in the new location with optimum thickness and density. However, the results of the surgery depend on other factors as well. For example, you have to look for a capable and skilled surgeon if you wish to get optimum results. So, never forget to visit an authentic and trusted clinic like our clinic for high-grade hair loss treatment. Additionally, proper aftercare is also essential for proper hair growth after the surgery.

Your recipient area and donor area both need enough time to heal. Moreover, hair growth is not a speedy process. Therefore, you must have the patience to see proper results. Experts say that usually, the results are visible after 6 to 12 months. After this period, the surgeon will allow you to treat your hair as per your wish.

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