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Beard transplant cost – Beard transplant has become a hot trend all over the world and men are interested in getting a stylish and beautiful beard on their face. No matter what the region or country, the beard is always considered a symbol of attractiveness and masculinity in men and a man looks dashing when he has a beard on his face. Believe it or not, but it is true that women prefer bearded men to shaved ones. With this, men who have no or less beard need not be disappointed because modern technology has provided the perfect solution for them, which is “Beard Transplantation”.

Beard transplantation has made it easier for men to get the desired beard on their face and add charm to their personality. According to a survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the number of hair transplants is increasing rapidly worldwide, and it is gaining world attention quickly.

There are several reasons for the popularity of this trend. From celebrities to common people, everyone is found enamored with this trend. For example, these days, if you look at Hollywood actors, most of them have beards on their faces. Especially at the Oscars, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Jared Leto are seen with beards on their faces.

In Asia as well, some transfer centers are gaining public attention in countries such as Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, and others. Especially in Malaysia, where keeping a beard is also related to religion, culture, and fashion, this transplant is now one of the growing trends.

Before you rush to the nearest beard transplant clinic in Malaysia, consider the following:

Quite expensive too 

For people on a budget, this procedure is expensive. But for people who are frustrated with their growing beards, this is a one-time investment. It may seem expensive now but will give a lifetime of satisfaction. So, make a decision considering your future expectations and budget, of course! One of the best ways to get affordable beard transplant treatment is to search and compare the prices and services of different clinics to choose the best one like at Hair Transplant Malaysia.

Beard of your choice 

When a person gets a haircut, he usually has an idea of what kind of look he wants. He would ask for such a haircut. Likewise, you can tell the beard transplant surgeon at our clinic about the type of beard you want and thus, stand out from the crowd with your dashing and confident appearance.

Sacrifice some hair from your head 

To get rid of an uneven beard through a beard transplant, you need to sacrifice some of your hair from the back of your scalp. This is because the hair on the scalp is somewhat similar to the hair on the chin. Therefore, some hair from the scalp is removed and transplanted to the beard.

The transplanted hair falls out after two weeks

It is true that the transplanted hair will fall out in 2 weeks, but you don’t need to worry. New hair will grow in 3 months.

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