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Is Hair Baldness Common?

Hair solution for baldness – Hair loss is common in men, it is thought that 50% of men will experience some sort of hair loss by the age of 50. The hair goes through cycles of growth and it is normal to experience some shedding. It is when hair loss becomes very noticeable or bald patches start appearing that most men become concerned and consider visiting a specialist.

Common baldness is one of the most common causes of male hair loss. Also referred to as androgenetic alopecia, it is usually an inherited condition. This type of baldness usually manifests itself in a receding hairline and baldness on the top of the head. The culprit behind androgenetic alopecia is DHT. DHT is an androgen (male hormone) that plays a vital part in the body, but it sometimes ruins hair follicles and prevents essential vitamins and minerals from reaching the follicles resulting in hair loss and eventually baldness.

While there is no magic bullet solution to androgenetic alopecia, there are some options to consider. There are some drugs that can help hair grow back, but these usually have bad side effects, and once the medication is stopped, the hair falls back out again. They are a temporary fix and in some cases the side effects may not be worth the benefits. 

Some natural and herbal remedies are being marketed that claim to stimulate hair growth, and some companies manufacture “hair food” which is basically vitamins aimed at nourishing hair follicles and increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Hair tonics are also available for the same purposes. Most of these products are available over the counter, while some require prescriptions.

Hair transplants are the best option many men consider when they are experiencing hair loss. We provide the best solution-oriented hair transplant with our specialist doctors experts in their fields, treating all of our patients with honest, trustworthy, ethical, and equal service of the highest quality, meeting all the required national and international standards. Consult FREE for hair solution for baldness.

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