Beard hair transplant before and after

Do Beard Transplants Work or Can Beard Hair Be Transplanted?

Beard hair transplant before and after – Yes, beard hair can be transplanted and it works. The transplant of beard hair has a very effective way to create new hair growth on the face and have realistic results, giving you a natural look. 


Are You Sick Of Your Beard Hair Problems But Afraid To Get A Beard Transplant? If yes, we have a perfect solution to your beard hair transplant before and after queries to let you know what happens before the surgery and the outcome. Following are the queries that you might have. The answers will clear your doubt letting you choose the best-ever and most-opted beard transplant procedure. 

Why Does a Beard Transplant Happen?

In recent times, for some reason, beard transplants are opted by the general public because many of them face a lack of facial hair growth, caused by injury or surgical scars. Is Beard Transplant Safe? Beard transplants have become very common these days, but still, it is a surgical process, so it is also quite rare, and many people think about whether it is safe or not.

What to Do on the Day of a Beard Transplant?

On the day of the transplant, you should not take coffee or any other substitute because it can lead to sensitivity during surgery.

Is the Procedure of Beard Transplant Painful?

At our Hair Specialist Clinic with Prof. Dato’ Dr. JasG, our expert and experienced surgeons are the best in transplanting their patients’ hair without any harm. 

For How Long Can a Beard Transplant Last?

Beard transplants take around 90 days to grow permanently after falling in about 2-3 weeks (after your surgery).

What Happens After the Beard Transplant?

After the surgery, you can not shave your beard for at least ten days. Some expect it to fall off after two days of the surgery, but after the surgery is done, the transplanted hair starts growing permanently, although it takes time.

Which is the Best Clinic for Beard Transplants?

We are one of the best clinics in Malaysia for beard transplants. Our well-qualified expert Prof. Dato’ Dr. JasG along with his team of professionals uses an intraoperative procedure.

What is the Best Method of a Beard Transplant?

The best method of beard transplant in Malaysia is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

How Much Time Does it Take for Proper Recovery?

After six months of the surgery, the transplanted hair looks natural and perfectly suits your skin.

What are the Benefits of a Beard Transplant?

A Beard transplant is especially beneficial for those who do not have a beard or, due to an injury, the beard is not growing properly. The transplanted hair for the beard has matched with the skin hair, so it looks and grows naturally. 

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