FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is the older and more widely known as strip harvesting. This method involves surgically removing a thin strip of the scalp that contains thousands of healthy hair follicles. These are then individually isolated one by one and implanted into the area being restored. FUT is one of the most commonly used procedures for hair transplant and it is the ideal choice for those who have large areas of balding.


    Patients with large areas of baldness are highly advised to choose FUT. Some may worry about scarring but most customers’ scars remain well hidden as the hair fully covers the scalp and no one who does this procedure would ever want to clean shave their heads. FUT allows thousands of follicles to be implanted in one surgery and every hair is implanted individually with importance placed on every detail.


    This treatment will begin with a consultation with our expert, as the doctor and patient will establish precise cosmetic goals. A surgical plan will be designed to fulfil this exact cosmetic outcome. This plan includes where the new hairline will start, along with its general shape and appearance

    The ‘donor area’ is established and the area is commonly located on the back of the head. This area is a non-testosterone zone which means that the hair follicle in it would survive most of your lifetime and are ideal for continuing their life in the receptive area

    The strip of healthy scalp that contains follicle hair will be removed, and it is usually 1 centimetre wide and can be as long as 30 centimetres. The strip will be placed in specialised solution that mimics the body’s own fluids, it will maintain the tissue and maximises the life of the follicles

    Follicle units group are 1 to 4 hairs will be excised from the strip of the scalp. It will grow naturally on the scalp

    Our expert will start with the actual hair implantation according to the design, and implanting the follicular units into very precise locations across your scalp


    The recovery time can vary. For most patients 7-10 days for the grafts to fully ‘set’. In 2-5 months you will notice new, permanent hair growing back and at 6 months it will be ready to be groomed and styled.


    Our Doctor is a qualified Plastic Surgeon with 20 years of experience and our Founder is Malaysia’s ONLY Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), which means you will get the best and outstanding results by the best. At Glojas, we bring out the best in you!



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