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Why is Hair Transplant popular?

Famous hair transplant doctors – Many solutions for hair loss are available but hair transplant has a special place in the hair restoration field. This treatment provides permanent results and it is a one-time solution. It means you do not need to visit hair loss clinics again and again after the treatment. 

Hair transplant surgery is an extremely reliable and natural treatment. Moreover, it is a one-time solution to baldness with your own real hair. Obviously, this treatment is not similar to the ideas like wigs that are used to just hide the bald areas. This treatment restores the bald area forever with the help of real hair. Therefore, we should not have any doubt about the popularity of this amazing treatment.

Hair transplant is a surgical treatment for genetic baldness. In this procedure, the surgeon is supposed to remove healthy and baldness-resistant hairs from the back and both sides, and later, he transplants these hairs into the bald scalp. In fact, baldness leaves a thin layer of hairs in the back and sides of the head while it is at its peak level. These hairs remain safe because of their resistance to male pattern baldness. Therefore, surgeons use these hairs to restore the bald area of the scalp.

After you arrive at the clinic, the surgeon is supposed to start the hair transplant with the administration of anesthesia to numb your scalp. After this step, he may use either of the following hair transplant techniques to remove the hairs from the donor area.

FUT also known as follicular unit transplant involves the removal of a strip of skin. The surgeon harvests the hairs from the strip and transplants them into the recipient area. FUE also known as Follicular unit extraction is performed by removing the hair follicles directly from the donor area. There is no involvement of a strip of skin in this technique. After the removal, hair follicles are transplanted to the bald region of the scalp. 

After the treatment is finished, your surgeon is supposed to send you back with a pack of instructions and medicines like painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicines. To get better results after the surgery, you have to take your medicines on time and follow the instructions provided by the clinic. 

Hair transplant surgery is an effective treatment but you have to look for a well-qualified and trained surgeon to get optimum results. Only a trained and skilled surgeon is able to understand the complex nature of hair transplant surgery. Thus, it is better if you visit a reliable clinic with a team of highly efficient surgeons and famous hair transplant doctors like at Hair Transplant Malaysia.

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