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Can body hair be used in Hair Transplant?

Body Hair Transplant – Hair Transplant Procedure involves a procedure where hair is taken from an area of a body where hair is plentiful. It is then transplanted into the areas where thin hair is there. Some men do not possess enough hair in the donor region. This would mean that the process of use of body hairs in transplant has not been successful or it may indicate a failure.

Where the loss of hair is so severe there is nothing left in the tank to harvest for traditional surgical procedures. The question that is often posed is whether hair transplants from other areas of the body, the legs or arms are possible. 

The hair that is found along the hairline is a lot thinner which is towards the middle of the hair and that is thicker. It is observed that in male baldness it tends to arise above the templates where a receding hairline is created. 

Leg hair is normal in most people. The density of it on the legs along with other areas of the body is sparse in nature. The process of transplantation is not that successful in comparison to the other areas of the body. In addition to this another area that could be tapped is the underarms, though the same problem does exist there as well.

In case of body hair transplants, the success emerges from the hair that is taken from the beard. It could also go on to improve the scars on the back of the head and this could be placed on top of the scalp as and when needed. Since the beard area was coarse it served as an excellent remedy for lost hair.  

As far as eyebrow replacement evolves, the neck hair is much shorter than the scalp found in the middle of the hair. Say for example, if one region of the eyebrow is bushy, the follicles could be taken from one side, and incorporated on the other area that is lacking. Arm hairs have also been pushed in, but the success has not been that great. In the eyebrows the hair which is placed goes in the same length as the one with the donor site. So, a patient should go on to cut down on the transplanted hair that is naturally shorter than your eyebrows. 

It is suggested that after careful evaluation of a patient only a surgical or a non-surgical procedure may be advocated. Do take into consideration that the body hair taken is not going to replace the hair on your full scalp. This despite the case if the need is small in most cases. As each case tends to be unique, it is suggested that you discuss with your hair transplant doctor on what is the best remedial course of action in such cases.

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