benefits of hair transplant

What are the benefits of Hair Transplant when done right?

Benefits of hair transplant – Getting a Right Hair Transplant is crucial and a technique in restoring hair by way of using grafts of hair whether coming from the patient’s own head or from other donors, to treat baldness. It involves many techniques as well depending on a lot of factors that can affect the patient during and after surgery. The two most common methods of hair transplantation are FUE hair transplant and follicular unit transplantation or FUT.


In a hair transplant procedure, healthy hair follicles are transplanted from a donor site, which is usually the back portion of the head, to a balding area. There are two approaches which can be used individually or with each other, and these are the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. 

So, why would you love a hair transplant when in fact it is the most invasive hair restoration measure? Benefits of hair transplant – Well aside from the poking and incising that you might experience, a hair transplant provides a permanent solution for this problem. Aside from rare instances where some have to get it redone, a procedure done with a skilled and certified surgeon often goes without any problems.

Aside from hair restoration, a hair transplant also establishes a new hairline. This, however, depends on the artistry and skill of the surgeon to make it suit the general profile of your face. When properly done it will provide good hair coverage to the scalp and it will frame the face better. The general effect of a hair transplant once your locks are fully restored is a natural- looking result. When the hairs are strategically distributed and placed according to the natural direction of the surrounding hairs, this will give amazing results afterwards. 

With the improvement that you have in your physical appearance, this will give you a better or renewed self-confidence. Most people feel more youthful and attractive and most find it to give them a better edge in the workplace and even in dating. Having a hair transplant is also more cost efficient because you only get to do it in one go, given that it was carefully done with a good surgeon. Unlike medications which you have to continuously take every day, or hairpieces which you have to be refitted and changed after a couple of months.

Hair transplants also give less hassle since you only get to care for it just like what you would do with normal hair. With other hair loss management, you have to perform specific rituals for hairpieces, or remember timings for medications. A hair transplant procedure provides a more permanent solution for your hair loss problem. Today, when done right, hair replacement surgery can restore a full and natural look only at Hair Transplant Malaysia Clinic. Consult for FREE!

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