androgenetic alopecia male

Is Androgenetic Alopecia Normal?

Androgenetic alopecia male – The hair grows just about 1 cm per month and an estimate of 90% hair on your scalp is growing anytime. Moreover, about 10% of the hair is in its resting phase and after a span of 2 or 3 months, the resting hair will fall and another new hair will take its place. This process is normal, however if the condition worsens it can lead to abnormal hair loss which will end up to baldness. 


Male hair loss is another type of androgenetic alopecia that would result in about 95% of hair loss in men. Once a male starts to reach the age of 35, most of them will begin to experience some degree of substantial hair loss and when they turn 50. The probability of getting bald is higher for male. Basically, alopecia is genetic in nature, therefore if you see some of your family members experiencing the problem, then you have a high chance of also having it. Contrary to what other people would think, male hair loss is not a scalp related problem rather it takes place because of the chemical reaction that occurs among oil glands, and testosterone.


Thanks to the advancement of science these days, one can benefit from medical hair transplants that will yield astonishing results that will help the patient to directly solve the problem. Nevertheless, the method of hair transplant is the final solution to hair loss. Most doctors would not ask their patients to undergo the treatment only after the patient did not react to hair loss remedies that are all obtainable in the market.


There are various products specially designed for androgenetic alopecia male that are available on the market. You just have to look for one that contains ingredients such as pro-vitamin B5, and palmetto zinc. These chemicals are noted to keep hair growing on the head. Moreover, if you wish to stop the occurrence of hair loss, then you can make use of hair loss products that you can get hold of from supermarkets, beauty stores, and even online stores.


If the condition worsens and merely using the mentioned treatment is no longer necessary, then medical hair restoration will be the best alternative to use. The whole treatment is not painful at all, although there are some patients who would complain about swelling and discomfort. Talk to our hair doctors so you can both decide the best product or hair transplant process that will solve your male hair loss problem.


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