What should I know about Beard Transplant?

Have you already made up your mind about going for a beard transplant? Well, ask yourself again. Are you doing this for yourself or is the peer pressure of looking a certain way in society getting to you? Either way, I am sure that there are several questions on your mind right now about the procedure. This article would highlight all those questions and give you the answers you were looking for so that you can be certain about your decision.

  Beard and mustache hair transplant is the perfect way to get a shapely beard that you have always wanted. It works ideally for people who are suffering from beard hair loss or are unable to grow any beard at all. It is an aesthetic procedure, best performed by professionals who are experienced in the field.

The final cost of the beard hair transplant depends on a lot of factors, but a rough estimate of the same would be given to you during the first consultation with your surgeon. The factors include:

  • The number of grafts required to reach your requirement
  • The density you wish to achieve through the surgery
  • The procedure used for the same
  • The number of sessions required for completing the procedure
  • The expertise of the doctor performing it


The number of sessions required for the procedure is based on the number of grafts that are to be implanted to reach your goal through the transplant. If you are only looking forward to hiding the thinning spots, the number of sessions would be less, but if you are someone unable to grow a beard at all, you may have to undergo more than one session. After the initial analysis, the doctor would be able to inform the number of sessions to be required for the procedure.

What is the Beard Transplant Procedure?

The beard transplant procedure is done through Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). It also uses PRP (if the doctor suggests) for faster results. The grafts to be implanted for the procedure are extracted from the safe donor area (back of the head) and then implanted to the recipient site, which, in this case, are the bald portions of the beard or mustache.

If performed by experts, this procedure can easily cover all the bald portions of the beard in one sitting and still render excellent results. Similar to any other transplanted hair, the beard will also grow in its natural rate. Following which, you will be able to trim or shave it according to your requirements. The grafts start growing within a week or two of the procedure if you follow all the post- treatment instructions set by the professionals.

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