Scalp micropigmentation results

Does Scalp Micropigmentation provide realistic results?

Scalp micropigmentation results – Hair loss is a common condition that can happen to men and women of today’s time due to several reasons. Even though a transplant surgery seems to be the best solution to the problem, the eligibility criteria of the same are based on several factors. While not many are eligible due to factors such as the dearth of donor hair, people might also suffer from a striking scar from the FUT surgery which they would want to hide. The ideal way to make it seem like you have a head full of hair or hide the FUT scar immediately is by going for a scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation can be considered a non-invasive, drug-free technique that uses micro needles to create the illusion of hair follicles on the scalp. This permanent solution is perfect for those looking forward to having a buzz-cut look that is hassle-free in maintenance. The results of the procedure are seen immediately and are very subtle and effective. Visiting professionals performing scalp micropigmentation for a long time would ensure that you get the perfect blend of pigments that match your facial aesthetics and skin tone.

Once the procedure is complete, it becomes challenging to determine which the real hair is and which one is just an illusion with the naked eye. However, several factors go into making the results look real.

SMP Blending:

Scalp micropigmentation results is heavily dependent on the way the pigments have been blended with the existing follicles. Irrespective of the fact that you have hair on the sides of your head or the top, professionals can ensure strategic blending of the pigments into the natural hair for creating a seamless 3D effect and best results.

Color Matching:

Experienced ABHRS certified doctors will have special scalp micropigmentation pigment that is used for the procedure to derive undetectable results. Through the first consultation, the professional creates the customized treatment plan that includes the different shades of pigment that will be used for the procedure.

Experience of the Doctor:

While it might sound extremely obvious, choosing the ideal expert for performing the procedure is crucial in getting the desired results. Most of you might think that this is a simple tattooing procedure and consult tattoo-artists instead, but that might cause botched-up SMP and infections. Undergoing the procedure under experts ensures that the tattooed follicles are placed properly, and the results look natural, mimicking a buzz-cut look.

ABHRS certified doctors at our clinic performing the procedure. Our clinic is a well-known clinic that offers exceptional results when it comes to scalp micropigmentation in Malaysia. Our clinic is best known for performing modern procedures to receive natural results.

Undergoing scalp micropigmentation can help hide all your hair thinning issues and scars from the scalp if performed by experts. The team at Hair Transplant Malaysia is skilled enough to provide customized treatment plans for the patients so that they get the best results without any side-effects. Consult for FREE!

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