how does fue hair transplant work

How Does the FUE Hair Transplant Work?

How does FUE hair transplant work? FUE Hair Transplantation is a simple process that involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area. Are you looking for a non-scarring hair transplant technique? In practice there is no such term as “scar less hair transplant”. FUE Hair Transplantation is considered a minimally invasive technique but even this is not a lesser procedure. You will have a small pit scar in the donor area, but they are almost invisible from a distance.


In FUE or follicular unit extraction, a specially designed punch tool is used to make a small circular hole at the donor site to free the hair follicle from the surrounding scalp tissue. These punctured follicles are then carefully extracted from the scalp and stored in artificial storage media such as saline solution. The surgeon continues to repeat this punching procedure until a sufficient amount of hair follicles are extracted. This may take 2 to 3 hours.


Once enough follicles have been extracted, the surgeon moves on to the implantation phase. The receiving site is first prepared by carefully making a small slit at a certain angle. The angle of the incision determines the direction of the transplanted hair so this must be done very carefully. The surgeon then carefully inserts the prepared follicle into this incision to complete the FUE hair transplant surgery. FUE hair transplantation is a slow and lengthy procedure that takes several hours to complete. If the baldness is severe, several sessions over several days are needed to achieve a fuller and thicker appearance.


Recovery from FUE Hair Transplantation

The recovery process after FUE hair transplant is easy and fast; if you follow your surgeon’s post-procedure instructions. Immediately after surgery your scalp will feel sore and tender. Using a cold compress can help relieve symptoms. However, be gentle on the scalp when using cold compresses.


Avoid washing your scalp for 24 to 36 hours after surgery. You will be able to resume routine and light activities after 2 to 3 days. It takes 6 to 8 months before you start to see the transplanted hair grow. Full hair growth may take more than a year.


What are the advantages of the FUE technique?

The micro scar left in the donor area after FUE hair transplantation is almost invisible to the naked eye, regardless of the length of the hair (shaved or long). Micro-perforations caused by the removal of follicular units in the occipital and temporal areas will heal within a few days after the procedure. The FUE hair transplant technique is painless: there are no stitches and little pain after the operation.


Result: A more natural appearance than conventional micrographs due to the thinning of the implant by the follicular unit. Great for tightening sparse areas of the scalp. Great for repairing scars on the scalp.

The first FUE transplant of 2000 grafts will produce 2000 circular micro scars. If the patient does another FUE transplant of 1500 grafts, there will be a total of 3500 micro scars.


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