How to take care of my Hair?

How to take care of my Hair? Do you know that most of the time your hair is being destroyed by your own actions? This is true that most people do not care for their hair, which causes them massive hair loss and after that they spend thousands of dollars on hair transplants and things that will help them to […]

How To Have Great Hair With Minimal Spending?

How To Have Great Hair With Minimal Spending? If you’re reading this, chances are your hair might be thinning and you want to regrow lost hair or you just want thicker, fuller hair. Here are some easy ways to grow hair naturally.   Eating Right Genetics influences hair loss, but so does nutrition. To get healthy, full hair, you need […]

Have You Diagnosed the Health of Hair?

Have You Diagnosed the Health of Hair? You are fortunate if you are not facing hair loss that is a serious scalp problem. Due to the fear of genetic hair loss, many people feel worried since they want to ensure good health for their hair. If you are facing mild hair loss and looking for a hair clinic, you have […]

Are Hair Products/ Treatments Really Work?

Are Hair Products/ Treatments Really Work? Hair loss is a common problem that most of us face in our life, sooner or later. It is something that causes the worst nightmares to many people, both male and female. Treatment or Products for hair problems are a big concern for all of us because it is not only the loss of […]

What are grafts? Hair Transplant in Malaysia

A hair graft can be simply defined as a single follicular unit. Each hair graft may contain several hair follicles. The number of hairs in a graft is not fixed but on average it is safe to say that a hair graft generally contains 2 hairs. Given that all hair grafts are unique, there can be groups of hairs from […]

What Is the right age to get a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a common health issue and both men and women are victims of this disease. According to experts, a lot of men and women are observed with signs of hair loss. Permanent hair loss or genetic baldness is the most common type of baldness and a hair transplant is the most common treatment for this scalp issue. Genetic […]

What should I know about Beard Transplant?

Have you already made up your mind about going for a beard transplant? Well, ask yourself again. Are you doing this for yourself or is the peer pressure of looking a certain way in society getting to you? Either way, I am sure that there are several questions on your mind right now about the procedure. This article would highlight […]

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