Before Hair Transplant

Avoid these mistakes before a Hair Transplant procedure !

Before Hair Transplant- Hair transplant surgery is an effective surgery for hair loss if you have found a capable hair doctor. However, we have seen a lot of unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries and patients seemed utterly unsatisfied in those cases. Thus, it is vital to look at the reasons for altered results after the hair transplant surgery. Experts say that most cases of failure occur due to common mistakes made by hair loss patients. If hair loss patients avoid these mistakes, they will certainly increase their chances of success after the surgery. 

Looking for a cheap hair loss clinic.

It is totally valid if you are looking for an affordable deal. But, you will not make a wise decision if you ignore factors like facilities, team, and success rate of the clinic. Cheap clinics are usually quacking and they claim to reduce the cost only to attract hair loss patients.

Choosing an inexperienced surgeon.

The role of a capable Hair specialist is vital in the field of hair restoration. Thus, you have to look for a fully trained and experienced hair transplant surgeon to ensure optimum results. Inexperienced and untrained surgeons are not able to borrow or insert donor hairs effectively and they have limited knowledge about hair loss and hair restoration as well. 

Poor communication between patient and doctor.

Results of the surgery are not going to be positive if the surgeon is not able to instruct the patient efficiently about the treatment and aftercare. Similarly, negative results will come if the patient is unable to communicate with the surgeon efficiently. Thus, talk with your surgeon confidently and do not hide even a single fact about your medical history, health, the pattern of hair thinning,

Not a good candidate.

If you try to have the surgery even if you are not a good candidate, you will not be successful in your efforts to treat hair loss. You are not a good candidate if you are not facing male pattern baldness and your health condition is at a good level. Moreover, a stabilized progression of baldness with good quality donor hair is mandatory to prove your candidacy.


You have failed to look after transplanted hairs. 

Even if you have found a good surgeon and he has treated your baldness effectively with the help of hair transplant surgery, you have to take care of your transplanted hairs for a certain period of time. Proper aftercare is vital for proper healing of the treated area and optimum hair growth.

Finally, do not make these mistakes whenever you try to find a reliable hair clinic. You can consult with our Hair Specialist clinic if you need proper assistance during the hair treatment process.

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