What should I know about Beard Transplant?

Have you already made up your mind about going for a beard transplant? Well, ask yourself again. Are you doing this for yourself or is the peer pressure of looking a certain way in society getting to you? Either way, I am sure that there are several questions on your mind right now about the procedure. This article would highlight […]

Are Beard Transplant procedures dangerous?

More and more men want to have a thick, masculine beard. Having a beard can complement your appearance, and make you feel young and more vigorous. Of course, not everyone is able to grow a full beard. Thankfully the hair restoration specialists at GLOJAS practice perform beard transplant surgery. The procedure works on similar principles as hair restoration for male […]

Are Hair Transplant procedures Successful?

The process of hair transplant surgery continues to improve all the time. It is a procedure that both men and women turn to when they are suffering from hair loss. However, the biggest part of the customers are men. With newer techniques used all the time more people are getting results from such procedures than in the past. The success […]

A Proven Procedure for Successful Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to transfer hair from a donor area to a bald area. The donor area is generally the back and side of the scalp, this area is generally resistant to the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to baldness. Hair Transplantation is an economical solution to treat hair loss. […]

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Hair loss patients are usually worried because of severe hair thinning and gradually developed bald areas in the scalp. Hair thinning or bald areas in the scalp are common signs of male pattern baldness if you observe baldness in the forehead area at the initial stage. Male pattern baldness is a genetic problem and you have to face it if […]

How Does the FUE Hair Transplant Work?

FUE Hair Transplantation is a simple process that involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area. Are you looking for a non-scarring hair transplant technique? In practice there is no such term as “scar less hair transplant”. FUE Hair Transplantation is considered a minimally invasive technique but even this is not a lesser procedure. You will have […]

How many years does hair transplant last?

If you have no solution for hair thinning or hair fall, maybe you are a victim of genetic hair loss. Genetic hair loss or male pattern is a serious disease that removes healthy hair follicles from your scalp. Fortunately, this scalp issue leaves some regions of your scalp unaffected. The back and both sides of your scalp grow baldness-resistant hairs. […]

What is Graft? How Many Hair in it?

A hair graft can be simply defined as a single follicular unit. Each hair graft may contain several hair follicles. The number of hairs in a graft is not fixed but on average it is safe to say that a hair graft generally contains 2 hairs. Given that all hair grafts are unique, there can be groups of hairs from […]

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